Thankful, 25-30…late!

26.  Thankful for so many hand-me-downs people have given us for Elianna.   The other morning, in a panic to get out the door: oh no!   I don’t have a raincoat for Elianna!   Ran out to the shed.   Back in 5 minutes with a raincoat in perfect condition.  Thank you Aunt Ann!
27.  Thankful for 6 entire hours of silence! 
28.  Thankful for friends that we can combine GP trips and appointments with so we can babysit back and forth.   We get in the appointments we need,  and the kids love the novelty of getting to play with their friends in McDonalds for longer than 10 minutes!
29.  Thankful for this amazing contraption.  My washer has been dying a slow death for about 3 years now.  I put a load of towels in this one today and WOW!  They almost felt DRY when they came out!   Normally they are still so wet that after I hang them on the line I wring them out even more,  and jump away so I don’t soak my feet.   So,  yes — I LOVE this thing!


30.  I’m thankful for my husband and daughter and the fun we can have together.   Here Elianna has conquered the daddy-monster and (with some help from Mom) tied him to the rocking chair.   Victory!




31.  I’m thankful for blue sky and sun and warmth and most of all,  for green leaves on the trees.

I’m trying to consciously take extra time to notice them and soak up the greenery and the beauty that comes simply from things being GREEN.  It’s such a small thing — green leaves.   We take them for granted,  and even call them an “ugly green” once June’s vivid green fades away.  

Why do I care this year?   Because The Caterpillars are 1/4 mile from our house.   They have been systematically wiping out the color green for the last 3 years or so, moving in our direction.   This year,  they hit our property,  but stopped to cocoon halfway through.  Next spring they are going to hit us hard and my yard will be brown by mid-June.  :(  The leaves might come back,  or they might not.   No guarantee on it.  
So I am enjoying them for now.   Soaking it up.   I wonder if a poplar tree would grow in a plant pot inside?!


And I interrupt my “thankful” posts for a moment of silence… maybe a few days of silence, until this melts and I can find something to be thankful about again…


Thankful 16-25

Aug. 28/14

16. Physical strength. The sun is shining, and it’s a perfect temperature outside — not cold, but not too hot to chop wood. The woodpile is getting smaller and the stacks in the shed are getting bigger!
17. A neighbor friend who randomly pops over to check in every so often. She’s like a breath of fresh air on long home-alone-with-a-three-yr-old days!
18. Delicious Co-op peaches that are cooling on my counter. They will be a bit of consolation when snow arrives!


Aug. 31/14

19. I’m thankful for two new little cousins for Elianna. I think it’s pretty cool that since moving to VV, I get to live close to relatives for the first time (that I can remember) in my life. I’m excited to see these little ones grow up!











20. Thankful for a husband who sends me back to bed on really rough days. Restart, anyone?!
21. Thankful for a little bit of white chocolate left in my stash! I thought it was all gone! Whooohooo!!! Oh, the small joys of life!
22.  I’m thankful that tomorrow is Monday, and the day after that is Tuesday and then it’s WEDNESDAY, which means we can go pick up my new fridge, and on Thursday I can start using it!!!!  (cue Hallelujah chorus, please)  I am SO excited!!  In the meantime, I am TRYING to be thankful for a substitute fridge that works, even if I have to play put-the-puzzle-together anytime I put something in or take something out.  I’m thankful for the backup when we needed it, but I will be sooooo happy to have a big fridge back again!!


Sept. 1/14

23.  I was happy to be able to go up a bit on my allergy shot dose tonight! Seems like I’ve been stuck on 0.4ml for months…actually, I have. But it’s nice to see progress!
24. Thankful to be able to spend some extra time with Jerry today. Elianna loves helping her Daddy as he stocks the work truck or putters around outside.

25. REALLY thankful for the new shelves Jerry built in the shed this weekend, AND that he strung power out to it too. Whoohooo!!!! Now I have a place to put things, AND lights to see what I’m doing!!!


Pictures, to go with the last post


Tree-tree-trick, she named him.   No idea why!   Randomly she also talks about changing his name to Sand-in-his-food.  Hmmm….


Enjoying Kyle’s boat


Done! !!

Thankful posts, moving over from Facebook

At the beginning of August, both Missie & Susan nominated me for the 5 days of Thankfulness challenge that was making the rounds on Facebook.  I was a bit disappointed when the 5 days was up…I rather grew to like those few moments of consciously being thankful every day.  Earlier in the summer, Sherry encouraged had me to take note of what I was thankful for, and actually WRITE it down.  Now Rochelle nominated me for another 5 days on Facebook.  So, I thought I’d transfer over the ones I did already, over to here, and maybe keep going when the 5 days are done.  Actual writing in a book rarely happens anymore, but if I can figure out the app on my phone, this might be more handy to keep up with. 

So, here is the first batch, from the beginning of August.

Aug. 1/14

1. I’m thankful for a summer of hot sunny days (don’t any pregnant women kill me, please!) Normally I’m not a heat loving person, but after this past winter, I’ve fully converted! Soaking it all in and loving it and trying to store it up for the next winter!
2. I’m thankful for the little black kitten from my cousin Crystal. In spite of being bathed repeatedly by well-meaning 3 yr olds, tossed out of the house more than once (by me, the Allergic One), locked in the BBQ (or under a rubbermaid tub, or under the freezer baskets on the deck [all in the name of 'saving it from the dog']), and terrified by the dog, it still hangs around, and entertains Elianna so I can garden in (relative) peace.
3. I’m thankful for allergy meds and allergy shots that have made this my first enjoyable summer in quite a few years. I can mow lawn!!!!! (which I never liked, but after a few years of not being able to, I like it more now!)

Aug. 3/14

4. Thankful for my farmer cousin who lets us borrow his boat in the summertime. Thanks, Kyle!
5. Thankful that Jerry was willing to come pick raspberries with me this morning. He’s the best picker, because he doesn’t like fruit, so he picks ALL the berries into his pail! I pity him once in a while, but mostly I’m just happy that means more berries for me and Elianna!
6. I’m really glad that at the end of every single day, we get to go to bed and sleep. (Can you tell it’s really late and I want to go to sleep??!)

Aug 4/14

7. thankful for a garden that has waaaaaay fewer weeds than when we moved here! It is nice to see all the effort starting to pay off!
8. thankful for my long row of raspberry plants from Denise.  They are surviving, Laine didn’t spray them when he sprayed the field (I guess my threats worked), and they even produced a ton of berries, for it being their first year!  I would be thankful for my line of lilacs from Crystal too, but the MD sprayed those ones… Somebody’s gonna die……
9. thankful that in spite of living in a trailer, we actually stay quite cool for most of the day– until evening, but it is nice that the broiling hot period is short and by that point we can go outside.

Aug. 5/14

10 — thankful for no fish flies. I don’t have to pick yucky fish flies off the beans! The juice isn’t sucked out of all the raspberries! I can walk outside AND breathe at the same time! I can wear white socks without getting fishflies squished in them! I re-realize every summer how grateful I am for these small things.  Every so often I see a picture of Elford’s garage on my screen saver, and I am thankful all over again!!!  NO FISH FLIES!!!!!!  WHoooohoooo!!!!  lol
 11 — thankful for fewer mosquitoes right now. we can garden in the evening without being eaten alive. Elianna’s bites are starting to heal, and we haven’t had a mosquito-hunt in her room for quite a while. it’s been a nice respite
 12 — thankful for beautiful sunrises. I don’t see them all that often, but when I do, I always have to stop and marvel.

Aug. 6/14

13. Thankful for a job I LOVE. A job I wasn’t looking for, but had always wanted. And then God dropped it into my lap when we moved here. Still amazed by this!
14. Thankful that Jerry is done school and is a journeyman now! NO MORE SCHOOL!!!
15. Thankful for the amazing bosses Jerry has had since we moved here, for the flexibility allowed when working with small companies, and for the Christian environment he gets to work in.


I found this list of insults as I was housecleaning in my computer today (I do it periodically, because it makes my brain feel neater!) and laughed for about 5 minutes straight.  Then I read some to Jerry, still laughing so hard I could hardly get them all out.  Then I wanted to pin them onto my “Lite Side” pinterest board, but I don’t know where I found them, and thus don’t have an “online” source to pin from.

So, I’m posting them here for you all to enjoy and for me to pin!  I don’t know where they came from, and would love to give credit if I did…if you know, please send me the link!  I’m not sure about the truth of the statements (if Abraham Lincoln ACTUALLY said that) but I don’t really care, because…I’m too busy laughing!  The ones in bold are my faaaaaaavorites!

“He can compress the most words into the smallest idea of any man I know.”

- Abraham Lincoln

 “Thank you for sending me a copy of your book; I’ll waste no time reading it.”

- Moses Hadas

 “I’ve had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn’t it.”

- Groucho Marx

“He has no enemies, but is intensely disliked by his friends.”

- Oscar Wilde

“I feel so miserable without you; it’s almost like having you here.”

- Stephen Bishop

“He is a self-made man and worships his creator.”

- John Bright

“He is not only dull himself, he is the cause of dullness in others.”

- Samuel Johnson

“He is simply a shiver looking for a spine to run up.”

- Paul Keating

“There’s nothing wrong with you that reincarnation won’t cure.”

- Jack E. Leonard

“He has the attention span of a lightning bolt.”

- Robert Redford

“Why do you sit there looking like an envelope without any address on it?”

- Mark Twain

“His mother should have thrown him away and kept the stork.”

- Mae West

“Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.”

- Oscar Wilde