October 1, 2007 ~ God is amazing!

Wow! This has been an amazing day! It was Prayer Day, and I was so blessed.

During our class prayer meeting, the feeling of unity was overwhelming. Our class is so close, compared to others, and I’m tremendously thankful for that!

We were to break up into pairs, and share and pray at the end. Miss Newfie hollered over, “You’re with me, Lois”! and I was thinking, “Oh…umm…this could be interesting!…she scares the daylights out of me…but this could be a good thing…” It was. It was amazing! To hear some of the struggles she and her family are going through, and see her heart when she prayed was eye-opening. I love how I’m making deeper friends all over the board this year. I didn’t open up to many people last year, because I didn’t want to share what I was struggling with, and I closed myself off to the option of certain people as friends because they didn’t fit my “box.” My box has been shaken this year, though, and I’m connecting on deeper levels with people who were only acquaintances last year, and it’s amazingly fantastic!

My floor is bestest floor ever this year. So different from last year. We didn’t fight or anything, we were just distant. Went our separate ways, had our own lives, and interacted only on a superficial level. Thus, I’m thriving on the interaction on our floor this year. The times we find ourselves in the hallway laughing, talking, tickling, wrestling (yes, that happens in the girls’ dorm too!), hugging, crying, praying, counseling, and singing till our RAs chase us into our rooms for quiet time…it’s amazing!

I’m bubbling over with happiness, gratefulness, and praise to God right now! Eastern Canada IS beautiful, when one isn’t too homesick to notice! I’m happy here! I’m at peace! I’m content! I’m enjoying it! Those are all completely new feelings from last year (except for the peace part) and I’m praising God for the difference!


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