Sept. 28, 2007

This didn’t just make me smile. It made me LAUGH!!

Some of us girls on my floor went out to WalMart tonight, and of course, a trip to Wally’s World isn’t complete without stopping at Tim Horton’s. Four of us had gotten our orders and were sitting down at a table when Raylee finished her order. She came over, talking a blue streak (as only she can!), pulled out a chair, sat down, looked up, and — realized with shock and horror that she’d sat down at the wrong table, the one next to us! Only Raylee, ONLY Raylee! We were about dying of laughter! Thankfully the ladies she decided to befriend didn’t mind, and laughed along with us.

Later, before we left, we decided to give them a tract. Maybe this mistake was a God-thing. So Sarai gave them one, and it turned out they’re Christians, have heard of the school, been to it to buy Dutch Blitz from the Bookstore, don’t know how to play it, so they’re going to come out some evening and we’ll teach them! Sweeeeet!


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