Mrs. M — “Remember girls, SMILE!”

Something happy about today…hmm… Okay, the fact that I’m playing piano today, only got the songs last night, and therefore was not feeling ready AT ALL this morning and was nearly in tears because I NEEDED the piano in the lounge and someone had locked it was NOT a good thing… But the fact that Miss India played with me, on the organ, was a VERY happy thing! I love playing together with her! It’s a lot of fun, because I’m more relaxed ’cause she’s there to cover my mistakes, and I can enjoy playing, and if Mr. Music or Mr. President throw a new song at us, like they did this morning, hey, we can cover each other’s slips and make it through together!

Someone from last year’s class came back to visit today, and it was soo good to see her again! It’s funny, though. Most people are greeting me with, “WHAT?! You came back!? I thought you weren’t going to!” to which I reply, “I didn’t think so either!” Ah, well, God has plans of His own!

Two funny quotes from the speaker tonight:
“Where He leads me, I will follow, what He feeds me, I will swallow!”
“Are you happy today? Well then, notify your face!”


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