Conference & Favorite people

From the weekend of Conference…
Had to be in the kitchen at 6 AM Friday, and that was after a bad night; people were noisy until quite late. But it was funny, because I was so tired that mildly funny things had me laughing SO hard.

My old roommate and her boyfriend came to visit!! They got in really late on Friday, and we talked even later, which resulted in an even more tired Lois the next morning. But I drank a cup of tea (it went down a whole lot easier than the 1/4 cup of coffee I forced down at the last Conference!) and it did the trick and woke me up sufficiently for the rest of the day. So good to be around Lean again. It’s the same feeling as when you slip back into your oldest, favoritest sweater — absolute comfort. It feels like it belongs. Thorie called me HIS twisted version of my first and middle names, added his French accent on my last name, and it was GOOD…just like old days! He’s the closest thing I have to a brother out here, does brother duty quite well when I need it, and I’m so very thankful for him! I think I’ll pop their tires and make them stay longer than just the weekend!

A funny thing from the weekend…
There was this guy who was being slightly on the weird side, and much too friendly for my liking, especially considering how well he knew me (or rather, how well he did NOT know me!). I told Dyson that this guy gave me the creeps, and he promptly nicknamed him “Creeper.” So when I would be somewhere around Dyson, and he’d see the guy coming, he’d stage whisper a warning to me: “CREEPER ALERT!!!!” Ahh..funny times, and lots of laughs!


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