October 8, 2007

Today started on a very homesick note and I was anything BUT thankful. I agreed to help McTom & Dyson roll buns with Milly for Thanksgiving supper. Wasn’t really in the mood for laughing, but ended up so glad for those couple hours in the kitchen! McTom started teasing me about something but wasn’t saying anything specifically because it’s an inside joke and there were other people around. MUCH laughter was the result! The ways he was coming up with to tease me vaguely without actually saying anything “incriminating” were hilarious. At one point Dyson was practically on his knees in the corner, completely losing it, and I was laughing so hard I was nearly crying. All the while trying to order McTom to be quiet and cut it out, but do you think that’s going to work when I’m laughing at him myself??? Noooooo! Anyhow, it was really good medicine for my homesickness!

A few things from the list I made myself make when I was miserable…I’m thankful for:
–God bringing me back to school (anyone surprised at that?!). It’s truly good to be back here…except for today, when I’d much rather be home with my family and Grandpa & Grandma!
–Friends here I’m growing closer to
–The things God is teaching me through life. I’m thankful He doesn’t give up on me even when I’m stubborn!
–A good talk with Penny & Eva tonight…about girl stuff 🙂


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