Deafness…a blessing in disguise!

Thursday…another meeting with Celia! Definitely a good thing. We’re getting a little more comfortable with each other. (or rather, it’s probably me coming out of my shell a little more!) We had a good talk today. Lots of laughter!

Tonight was our first Practical (practical Christian service). We (Ashton, me, and one of the guys) go to 2 senior homes; the first is mixed, and the second is just ladies. The first was stiffer, and more regulated and awkward, so I enjoyed the second one a lot more. I love those old ladies, and I believe I shall thoroughly enjoy them this year! I look forward to getting to know them, and their quirks. Visiting them took me back to when we kids would go with Mom to the Seniors’ home in town….pleasant memories. Singing “Sweet Hour of Prayer” always takes me back to those days. Speaking of which, the singing was a bit of a challenge, seeing as no one in our group is all that strong on that end of things! But at least most of the seniors are slightly on the deaf side 🙂


One thought on “Deafness…a blessing in disguise!

  1. Sounds good! I like your comment about “most of the seniors are slightly on the deaf side” I thought of that when going to Lacalta and Extended Care!

    Who’s Celia?

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