Finally Friday…

The GOOD thing about today was that it is FRIDAY!!!! I love Fridays. But I love Saturdays more! It’s been a long week.

Today was a good day, though. Fun times sprinkled in between the heavy work/activity load. Dyson & McTom upgraded their method teasing…they’re now using Hebrew words to poke fun at me, and order me to go look in my Strong’s Concordance! Crazy nuts. I’m so thankful for them both, really. Even on the days I’m tired and things are going downhill, they always cheer me up. I thrive on teasing and laughter, and they provide a very healthy dose of both! And oh, hey, I cracked the guys’ code for talking about girls. Their reaction when I referred to a girl by her code name was hilarious! Dyson nearly had a heart attack! I guess I’m smarter than they realized…I love surprising them like that!

Our RAs are gone on their “Senior sneak” leaving Licia and I as temporary RAs….wow, the power I feel! (joking) Lots of people are gone this weekend, and the dorms feel very dead. A couple of us remaining girls hung out in the hall together tonight. It was fun. Megan and I were both on MSN, so we had emoticon wars…FUN!!! And we did Mr. M’s personality test and came up with all kinds of fun stuff!

I photocopied, folded, folded again, and stapled 78 freshmen exams today, for Mr. Brain. Wow, that’s a lot of freshmen! Glad I’m not the one marking the exams!

I’m tired. And rambling. Today was a good day. Long and tiring, but good. Like most days this week. Stressful and hard in many ways, but somehow still good. I’m thankful 🙂

Psalm 91:1 — “He that dwells in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” I like this verse a lot. Even when the storms of life are raging around me, I can retreat back into that secret place of calm with my God. It speaks to me of an inner calm in the midst of turbulence. Of an Anchor. Something, Someone, that remains the same though everything else in life is being turned upside down and nothing makes sense.


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