Thanks for Bugs Bunny, God!

Dee & I made supper for the students last night. Working with people in the kitchen is fun. I told McTom that yes, I think men BBQ best. Now I officially have his respect, he says. Wow, I should’ve said that a long time ago! Sitting at my desk by the window and watching the reunion of one of the girls and one of last year’s classmates made me smile yesterday. So cute! It warmed my heart.

Today was BUSY. Helping prepare and clean up breakfast, practicing piano, setting up and cleaning up Communion, playing for church, waitressing lunch and supper, praying with Dee & Eva, practicing again, playing for church again, and now a speech is waiting to be worked on…was this supposed to be a day of rest???! One of the guys sent me some old Bugs Bunny cartoons. I watched them and laughed my head off. Those are hilarious! Definitely good medicine! Made for a good break.


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