A tunnel, please?

Our Youth Ministries teacher told the girls today that we do NOT have to give the speech we were supposed to, this week! See, everyone in our class was supposed to come up with a philosophy of youth ministry, goals, a plan for how to accomplish them, and plan an entire youth night also. Then we were supposed to present our plan in a 7-10 minute speech on Monday, modify it over the week as we were taught, and present the finished product again on Friday. Well, we have 34 in our class. And 2 class periods on Monday. I predicted he’d never put us all through in time. He’s not. We’re getting about 4 people through each period. So today he told us girls to hand in whatever written work we had, instead. (being as the possibility of us becoming youth pastors is rather slim!) I love that guy!!!! He officially made my day!

My friend’s mom from the next province over sent me a package today, and I felt super-special! Honestly, my friends’ parents out here spoil me absolutely rotton sometimes! God has shown me in so many ways, big and little, over the last year and a half, that He is perfectly capable of looking after me in every way I need, no matter where I am.

Today was our first Student Council meeting with the new Freshmen officers. They definitely add a new flavor to our meetings! Topics that took just a few minutes to discuss and come to a conclusion on before now take MUCH longer! But it’s also a lot more fun!! One of the suggested student body projects this year? A tunnel from the girls’ dorm to the Dining Hall 🙂

Another thing that makes me happy today is the fact that my date AND time are bang-on 🙂 The detailed side of me is now at peace!


One thought on “A tunnel, please?

  1. Hi! It’s me! I’ve enjoyed hearing from you on your blog! Now you have me curious who the older couple is who sent you the parcel? I’ve been racking my brain to figure out who it would be, but am coming up blank! I’m glad you are getting some parcels at least!
    Glad you had some relief in your Youth Ministries class today. Hope you can enjoy this class even though it is crammed into 2 weeks. I guess that’s what KBI students face except I think the teachers here consider and take that into account in the homework assignments.

    Love ya!!

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