Culture shock?!

There are some Native people visiting right now, from a reserve in Quebec. I will admit I bounced and gave this little squeal when I saw them for the first time. Seeing them gives me warm fuzzy feelings! I miss my home. I miss my little church. I miss singing hymns in Cree, and seeing the kids tear off to Sunday School. I miss the cross of white/Native/MK culture I’ve grown up in.

I realized this fall, after I’d been here a few weeks, that I’ve never lived completely in white culture before last year. We’ve been talking about culture shock in Missions class, recently. And I discovered that last fall, I matched all the descriptions of it. Interesting! So THAT’S partly why last year was so rough! Weird.

I answered phones today while the staff were in a meeting. Had to bite my tongue to keep from answering with my “Lakeland Chiropractic…” line from work this summer! Got a lot of work done during those 2 hours, though, which eased some of the stress I’ve been under recently.

But November break is in sight! And my big brother comes in 24 days!!!!


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