Little-people hugs

So I guess have a habit of falling off the edge of the earth on the weekends!

It was a nice weekend. We played another game (a less violent one, this time!) during our second last Youth Ministries class and then he gave us the last class class off! Though that course has been intense and rather stressful because of being crammed into 2 weeks, I’m going to miss it. It was really good.

My friend from last year came up with her whole family, for a wedding, and it was so good to see them again. I got little-people hugs, and oh, they were wonderful! Played chess with one of the boys, read Berenstain bear books to the littlest ones, helped do the girls’ hair for the wedding…fun stuff!

Friday was officially made when the phone rang at 6 AM. And it was extra-good because I got to the phone before anyone else did, for once! My “wake up to phone ringing, grab blanket, hit the floor, and grab phone on the 3rd ring” drill is improving! I’ve been slow, and the girls haven’t learned yet that 6 AM calls are MINE!

Enjoyed a crazy fun trip out to pick up McTom’s girlfriend and bring her back for the weekend. “Waltzing with Bears” was officially stuck in my head for the rest of the day! I love Maritime type music. It’s happy music. I didn’t know most of the songs on McTom’s CD, but seeing their shock when I DID know a few odd ones (mostly Stompin’ Tom), and could actually sing all the words was funny! And yesterday, when I started to sing “Banana Phone” along with them at breakfast….hilarious! Do they not realize I have 2 brothers? Plus certain adopted brothers who will actually dance to “Banana Phone”?! But the best was when the guys were teasing again, on the drive, and I was doubled up in my corner of the car, laughing so hard I could hardly breathe ….oh, WHERE do they come up with the things they say?! They’re priceless, and I’m so thankful for them. They brighten my day so often.

Watched Pride & Prejudice at Mrs. President’s on Saturday night, with a bunch of girls, and enjoyed it. I like the atmosphere of having just girls. So much fun!

The countdown till my big brother comes to visit is ON! 19 more days!!!

In other news today, the power is out everywhere except for the girls’ dorms, so we have no classes till it comes back on!


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