Ontological argument for God?

Well, today was certainly an interesting day! Between trying to wrap my brain around the ontological argument for the existence of God in Theology class (did you know it is incorrect to say that existence is a perfection of an essence? [please don’t ask me what that means!]), and a heavy-duty intense MSN conversation with a friend this afternoon, I thoroughly fried my brain. Pulled staples out of 67 freshmen take-home exams for Mr. Brain. I like Tuesdays because that’s Student Council meeting day. Our meetings were fun before, and now with the freshmen in with us, they’re crazy! We get things done a whole lot slower, but laugh a whole lot more in the process!

The sunrise this morning was absolutely gorgeous. Brilliant pink and red.

OH!!! Now I remember what completely totally made my day!!! It was finding out that a couple I know who were having marriage problems is not only doing better now, but are planning to renew their vows on their upcoming anniversary! Then she signed her name at the bottom of the email as MRS. _____ ______. I was so happy I could’ve screamed and yelled and cried and bounced off walls all at the same time!! God is so good!


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