Mrs. Dyson? I don’t think so!!!!

Thursday…my heart laughed as Celia prayed at the end of our meeting today. Celia and Mrs. M’s offices are anything but sound-proof, and the next girl was already waiting outside the door, so when Celia paused in her prayer and searched for the right wording several times, I had to smile. It was a very tactful, carefully-worded prayer!

In other news today, Rod called me “Mrs. Dyson” – WHOA!!!! – just before supper, and then told Mr. Dyson to tell his wife to calm down and sit down ’cause I guess I was looking like I might get a little violent or something. I asked (“asked” is a very calm word for it!) Rod what his preferred method of death was, in return for that…he still has to get back to me with his answer. I’m thinking he deserves something very painful…can’t be too quick either…it must be dragged out…. 😀 Nevertheless, it made us all laugh our heads off! Oh, fun stuff! Laughter is good for the soul!

Disclaimer: NONE of that has ANY ounce of truth in it, though, in case any of mine western friends and family are starting to worry that Lois is going to come back for break (Christmas Day is in exactly 2 months!!!) in a married state! It’s a COMPLETE joke based entirely on the fact that this school is (to a large extent!) a rumor factory – sit by a guy more than twice, and you’re labeled and rumors are flying!

Went to visit our old ladies tonight, for practical…they so totally make my day! It was a good evening. Very good. I always come back from practical hyper-happy!


One thought on “Mrs. Dyson? I don’t think so!!!!

  1. Good thing you put that disclaimer on there. You know, there are rumors flying around out here too. I’m getting antsy to have a cousin with a significant other… I hate being the only one.

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