The solution? “Never get married!” ~J-Fish

This is a belated post, from yesterday, Oct. 26…internet shut off before I could get it up…

I’m hyper-happy!!! No idea why, really.

Had two study halls this morning. So I played around on here (don’t worry, Mom, my work was done!), figured some things out and now I have a picture of home on my header! Churchill is definitely the prettiest place ever, in fall. Also had a music chapel and my roomie sang and I officially think her group is definitely the bestest! Of course, I suppose I may be biased… 🙂

Missions was an interesting class. We discussed “Candle In The Dark,” a film on William Carey’s life. His wife really did NOT want to go to India, and in the end, only went because her sister agreed to go along. Her youngest son died while there, her sister married some British guy out the jungle, and the sisters were separated when the Careys moved back to the city… Made me think a lot about what should come first — one’s family (because that is a God-given responsibility if one marries) or God’s call? We discussed that for pretty much the whole class…the husband’s responsibility to his family, the wife’s responsibility to follow her husband, whether the wife can have a different “call” than her husband, or whether her calling is to be being her husband’s wife, ect. J-Fish came up with what he thought was the answer to the problem — Never get married!! So it was not a boring class at all!

It was officially cold enough to bring my wheat sack to class to keep me warm. We had our first hard frost last night. Though the air had a bite to it, today, it was beautifully sunny.

We finished Pride & Prejudice this evening. Let it suffice to say that girl’s-only movies are great, and I shall say nothing more of what went on 😉


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