Time change, or not to change time, that is the question indeed!

Saturday…the highlight was definitely a 2 hour phone call home. Been trying to connect pretty much all week, but it’s been phone tag or 2 minute conversations and then one of us needing to run off. So it was good to finally TALK. I need those connections with home, to be able to continue here. I need that anchor.

Sunday…Daylight Savings Time changes, or Daylight Savings Time doesn’t change? Well, try calling your mom the night before and having her take a poll of all the calendars in the house. Three say it changes on Oct. 28. But the other three say it changes on Nov. 4. Decide to get up at the normal time for breakfast, because the way the time change works (if indeed it is today) you’ll be early for breakfast rather than later. I go to breakfast. All seems normal. Apparently it DOES change next week. We enjoy a great breakfast, rumor #734 is started when I accidentally call a guy Donny’s name by mistake, and then Melody and I go to the chapel to practice. We notice the atomic clock is an hour behind. OH! Time change WAS today? And hey, it’s 9:05 and the wake-up bell didn’t ring…hmmmm….do we get an extra hour of life to live?!! Run back to the Dining Hall. Tell them the news. Debate again the merits of time change on Oct. 28 vs. Nov. 4. Decide this debate is of enough importance to call in a reinforcement. I phone Mr. Brain. He informs me that no, time change was moved to Nov. 4, and someone didn’t inform the clock. He’s sure it’s moved, and the radio’s been right on schedule all morning. If indeed time change WAS today, then the whole world is messed up. So time change is next week. No extra hour of live today. Gotta go rush to change for church. And life goes on…..

I’m going to go crazy with excitement! The pastor who brought me up to school when I first came is coming to speak this week!!! It’ll be good to see him again. And break is in 9 days!! 🙂 AND my big brother comes in 13 days 🙂 There are times when life really couldn’t get much better! (though it would be better if our dispensationalism book was a little more understandable!)


One thought on “Time change, or not to change time, that is the question indeed!

  1. I didn’t call you back the other night, because it was after you would have been in bed, but I went on the internet and found out rather confusingly that DST ends next week. I forgot in the morning, but then I wasn’t really prepared to get up real early to let you know in time. I figured, as we had concluded that to stick to the old time, the worst thing would be that one would miss an hour of sleep and be an hour early!

    Say Hi to that pastor for us when he comes!! Wish I could hear him preach again. As I recall, he is good! I’m sure Ricky will be glad to see him too.

    Well, must run. Thanks for the news!! Sounds like you had fun deciding on the time change!

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