Snow, the countdown, kids, and roots

Well…now I know why the air had such a bite to it yesterday. I was thinking that if it rained, it would probably turn to snow on its way down, ’cause man, was it cold. Guess what we woke up to this morning? SNOW!!!! Somehow, the fact that I didn’t want it to snow for at least 3 more weeks or so faded into the background and I tore down the hall in search of Eva. “Did you look outside yet!?! Did you look outside?!!” It’s so beautiful. Walking in a winter wonderland…..

I played Christmas music today. Bad idea. Now I’m thoroughly homesick. The countdown is officially as follows:
2 days till the pastor comes!
7 days till Break!!
11 days till big brother comes!!!!!!!
46 days till I go home!!!!!!!!!
56 days till Christmas Day

Still later…
The snow melted, and we see green grass again, though no leaves on the trees. All is well. It doesn’t feel like I should be going home in a couple weeks, so I’m better now 😉

Eva and I babysat 2 kids up at the trailer court today. It was so good to just play with and have fun with them! We ran all over the place and flew paper airplanes and played games and changed the rules a dozen times (that, of course, was the little boy’s doing…I think he’s going to be a bit of a control nut!) I miss kids, here. I miss my kids from home. But since I’m going to be here another year or two, I figure I may as well put down a few roots. Thus…I’m on the babysitting list this fall. Time to find me some eastern kids!


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