“…typical day in the life of a child of God.”

“It’s just another day in the life of a child of God,
Walking down the road where the Savior trod;
A typical day in the life of a child of God.
We’re clapping our hands to victory’s song,
Rising over sins — where we belong
It’s just another typical day in the life of a child of God.”

…a song going through my head. It’s been a great day. Busy, varied, settling, frustrating at times (airlines! I wish there were a shortcut past all their menus straight to the agent I was talking to when I got cut off!), hectic, satisfying, and it ended in a lot of fun. Well, almost. I came back to my room and read “Dispensationalism” during study hall. Can’t describe that as fun! But it was a good day.

Busy, varied, and hectic…
–all kinds of things thrown into the day. From classes to meetings to dinner out to homework to “Reformation Day” activities to airline conversations, etc.

–yeah, airlines! Menus, pressing the wrong thing, dialing again and again, [and again!] getting cut off, getting some info and then running off to a meeting, hoping the flight stays available, calling back….I have their number memorized, as a result of this afternoon!

–had a good interview for a program I’ll be entering after break. The lady and I had a pleasant talk about all kinds of things NON-interview related!
–also had an excellent talk with Mrs. M. That one was definitely fun too! And thought-provoking…which was needed. She helps tweak my perspective a little, and brings a little more sense into things when I’m frustrated with them and my view is quirked!
–classes were interesting. Thought-provoking also. A few things got under my skin so I had to think them through and analyze my reasons for thinking how I did, and that too was needed.
–dinner was in a REAL house, with some friends! Real, homecooked food! Not that Mr. Cook’s food isn’t good, it’s just — well, the atmosphere made dinner extra-special, I guess.

–November break arrangements are officially sorted out, arranged, checked, double-checked, cleared, and confirmed. 6 more days!
–next semester’s flights are booked. Yay, I go home in 6 months! Umm…somehow, that’s a little too far ahead to look forward to! It’ll go by fast. I can’t believe it’s already Nov. break time!

–we nailed taped 95 Thesis to the door of the Dining Hall, and had a “Reformation Day” celebration. I didn’t expect it to be all that great of a time [shame on me!], but this evening was fantastic! We played 2 games of Capture the Flag, and oh, it was great. I haven’t played that for soooo long! It felt marvelous to run around and be active. Then we had games in the gym with a gigantic (almost as big as me) ball. I don’t know what we played, but we crawled [squirmed? squatted? scrabbed? scratted? oh come on, there’s gotta be a word for that!] around the gym and kicked it — oh, hey, “kicked”! Must be some sort of version of soccer…only we were playing crab-style. Exhuasting. My legs are officially NOT happy with me. But it was fantastically fun!

Ahh…it was a great day! 6 and 10 are my favorite numbers today!


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