Is this Lois?

So it’s finally the weekend. I can’t wait till November break. I need a break. I need to be away from here. I need to run around in the mornings, not sit in class. I need to NOT get up at 6 AM every day.

Actually, I don’t need any of the above. I’d just really like them. And I’ll get them in 4 days. Can I last that long? This is scary. I’m in a really random mood. I really should go away and read Dispensationalism before I say something I’ll regret later. I was working with Dee for a while, and Melody came to visit us. We had Tim Horton’s, and talked about songs and listened to songs (ones that describe God…only not in the way Mr. Brain wants us to put on our theology test coming up!) and heard crazy stories about people breaking into the dorm, and stuff we did last year, and legalism and all kinds of other random stuff, and in between all that we tried to do work. I did finish chapter 3 of my book, really, I did! I had a really weird talk online then with McTom’s girlfriend, only I was being so UNlike me she kept asking who I was and if I really was me. I don’t know where Lois went. If you find her, can you tell me? This one is scaring me. I told you she needs a break!!!

But I (whoever “I” is right now) am going to go now. This is dangerous!


3 thoughts on “Is this Lois?

  1. Speaking of Nov break, I got your message from K. I could hardly control my laughter (esp as I misunderstood the message at first!) Then I had to come up with an explanation for Aunt E and Josh for my laughter! O what fun. Plus I got a (prayer letter) email from Caleb E. He officially has a friend, and he wants the whole world to know…! She’s from Germany, and was on the ship with him 3 months.

  2. Hahaha!!!! FUNNY!!! Yeah, that would be QUITE the message if misunderstood! Ya scared, yet?!

    Let me know if WordPress notifies you of this.


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