Wishes and time zones!

It’s been a good weekend. Substituted for counters the whole weekend, helped out with breakfast this morning (the visiting group came for breakfast…we didn’t expect them to…we SCRAMBLED!!), played hockey Saturday night, did some studying, reading, played piano for a good long time on Saturday (good therapy!) hung out in the dorm lounge with some girls, camped in Eva’s room overnight, enjoyed the extra hour of sleep this morning… Had an amazing phone call with a friend on Friday night…or was it Saturday morning? 😉 We covered pretty much every topic under the sun and I came away with a lot to think about, which was a good thing.

Yeah, it was a good weekend. One day and one EARLY morning, and then it’s November Break! 6 days till my brother comes!! 6 days till I see my old roommate!!!

There was a quote a girl shared last Sunday night during her testimony that really jumped out at me. “I was wishing that my wishes where what God wished, and if my wishes were not what God wished, I wished that I could wish that my wishes would go away, but the wishes were still there.” (Elizabeth Elliot, Passion & Purity, pg. 47) Wow. Oh wow! I can’t really explain it, but that hit me so hard. So true of me! My heart can be so stubborn at times. Why doesn’t the desire for what I want go away when it doesn’t seem like that’s what God wants? Why don’t my wishes fade when I see what God’s are? Why do they still linger on?! How do I make them do what they should?!

Anyway…that was an odd random thought. I’ll go to bed now!

HEY!!! One more thing!! I’m one time zone closer to SK now, because they don’t change time!!!! I realized that tonight when I was on the phone with a friend, and that totally made my day! Cheap thrills 🙂


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