It’s a funny day

So, it’s been quite the day already and I haven’t even left the dorm for breakfast yet!  I was peacefully sleeping, dreaming about trying to come up with a fake name for William for this blog when the phone rang.  MINE!  I grab my blanket, roll off the bed and head for the door.  Realize my alarm hasn’t rung yet, so turn back to scramble up and grab it so it wouldn’t annoy Roomie when it DOES go.  Run for the phone again.  (I was so miserably missing the 3rd ring it wasn’t even funny)  Grab it off the hook, say, “Hang on a sec,” run back to shut the door to the phone room, and then come back to the phone in a less rushed manner.  “Hey, how are you?”  I say.   A woman’s voice asks, “Is Haylee there?”  “…….”  Silence on my part.  WHAT?!?!?!?  I was floored.  Completely.  This don’t sound like my brother!  It’s a LADY?!  Phoning here at THIS unearthly hour?!!  I guess this call is NOT mine after all!  Turns out Haylee’s mom was calling her from the other side of the world.  Well!  Looked at my watch after she came to the phone.  5:30!!   No wonder my alarm hadn’t gone yet!  Tried to sleep again, but was now officially wide awake, so I went and did homework till the bell rang at 6. About 30 seconds later, the phone rang again.  THIS one WAS mine!  Ahh…it’s a funny day!

Memories at school…Haylee and Shelly and I playing football in the hallway during a morning study hall.  Good times!  We are obviously sleep-deprived and stressed and VERY ready for a break!

Oh!!  I forget to put this down yesterday…I made a goal from just over the halfway line in hockey on Saturday!  I think I was just as shocked as everyone else!

Still later…
HILARIOUS!  Visiting someone downstairs after our exam.  Standing there talking to her, she was sitting in front of her computer, and all of a sudden, we hear a POP!  We look at each other, puzzled, and suddenly the bar falls off her chair.  We stare at each other, shocked.  2.4 seconds later, another bar breaks.  We laugh.  1.2 seconds later, the other bar bends inwards.  Then the seat falls through.  Then it completely falls to pieces, and next thing we know she’s sitting on the floor, with pieces of chair around and under her.  Exam quiet?  What is that?!  We laughed hysterically.  She picks herself up off the floor and, beginning to pick up the pieces, says, “Well, I guess I’m making a trip to the dump this evening!” and stalks out the front door with the pieces.  I laughed till I ached and couldn’t breathe.  It’s especially during exam time that we need laughs like that!

One exam down…one to go…then NOVEMBER BREAK!!!!  Excited?  No, no, what gives you THAT idea?!

I’ll be going to some friends not too far from here, and won’t have internet access till next week when I get back.  So don’t worry, I still exist, just not in blog-world.  I expect to thoroughly enjoy the week.  I shall enjoy being part of family life again, and living in a real house.  And I will cream certain people in Dutch Blitz, and will attempt to cream certain other people in chess!

🙂 And when I come back to school next week, I will have a brother with me 🙂


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