Tuesday the 20th…

So…Tuesday the 20th…a bad day!  Andrew went home this morning.  His departure was made slightly better by the fact that we had trouble getting him onto the bus.  I’d called last week and made reservations and everything, and they were going to stop and pick him up in Blipville, at the Irving by the bridge.  So we took him there this morning.  But the lady says the bus doesn’t stop here anymore.  I tell her I know, but I called ahead and made reservations, and they said they will.  She says no, they still won’t, they stop at the Irving out on the highway now, not this one.  She figures Headquarters didn’t know what they were talking about when they told me they stop here.

Oh.  Plan A falls through.

So we jump back into the car, and go to the other one.  [I’m now late for my first class]  We go in, and the lady says, “Oh, the bus doesn’t stop here; it goes to the Blipville Irving.”  WHAT?!  There goes plan B!

So…it’s still too early in the morning to call the bus headquarters.  The bus should be here already…whether they’re coming to this Irving, or to Blipville, we don’t know.  And apparently they themselves don’t know either.  But I DO know it stops in Town.  That’s a regular stop.  So, Plan C — back into the car, and we head into town.  Except they moved that bus stop to a different gas station, so we need to call back to school and ask which exit gets us there.  [I’m now going to be absent for first class.  Oh, shoot, and I take attendance too!  Well, I guess we’ll just mark everyone else there on time and me absent!]  All the way to Town, I’m mentally brainstorming and organizing Plans D, E, and F.  Judging from the way the morning was going, we just might need them!

We get to the bus stop in town, and the lady says the bus hasn’t arrived yet (whew!  We didn’t miss it while chasing all over to the other Irvings!), and yes, it WILL stop here.  (Thank-you, God!)  Though I can’t say I really would’ve minded needing Plan D — go back to school, finish class, borrow a car, and take him to the City to the airport myself.  Would’ve meant another 7 hours with him, a fun drive, probably a visit with some friends (a surprise visit, no less — gotta love those!), and a very interesting day!

But Plan C worked…he’s now back in God’s country…and yes, I know I’m biased on that point!  And yes, I am also jealous of him.  But in 25 days, I will make the same trip 🙂

Oh, and I got back to school 5.3 seconds before chapel started, and discovered we’d been given a study hall, so I DIDN’T miss class after all!  Sweetness….

It was great having him here.  Loved the fun we had on break.  The visits we had here at school.  Even if some of them did make the brain hurt!  Enjoyed the chess games, in spite of the fact that he beat every single one of them.  Enjoyed the special meal “out,” which I actually enjoyed more than an actual meal out!  Enjoyed the trip across the border with some friends…wow, when they say “large fries,” they mean LARGE!  Yes…it was a lovely week….

And I’m thankful for the pile of work I have to do in the next week or two…it’ll keep me busy and occupied.  And for the phone call from a friend tonight…good distraction, and rather needed!


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