22 and 22

American Thanksgiving.  Decorated the Dining Hall with Student Council in the afternoon…that was fun.  We have a pretty crazy team!  Raylee & Melody singing “Happy Thanksgiving” to Christmas tunes, guys taking after each other with the table paper inner tubes, one guy wrapping the other’s head in packing tape….yup, we have quite the team!  I like American Thanksgiving a whole lot better than the Canadian one, because I don’t get homesick during this one 🙂

Today was a cool date, by the way.  See, my friend (the one who made the east suddenly seem not so terrible after all, after getting to know her last year) gave me a little date-thingy where you change the squares every day, to keep track of the day.  Only, she gave it to me for the purpose of counting DOWN the days till Christmas break.  So today was 22 days…and hey, it was the 22nd of November, so it actually had the “correct” date!  Yeah, I know…small things amuse small minds!

I spent the evening in the company of my theology notes…studying for an exam tomorrow.  For some strange reason, I still don’t have the same enthusiasm for it that Mr. Brain does!  But today was a good day, because I could actually understand most of what we talked about in class!!  When he opened in prayer he asked for largeness of heart (I’m not exactly sure what he meant by that).  I added my own prayer for largeness of brain!  A funny quote from a class a few days ago that completely cracked me up — “Do I really exist, or am I just somebody’s worst nightmare?”  The picture that brings to mind…or rather, the people…oh my!  Hilarious!

Practical was canceled today, because apparently it was a “snow” day.  A “snow” day?!?!  Good grief, people, there was a grand total of half a centimeter of snow on the ground!  And it rained/slushed most of the day, so it’s completely gone now!  Honestly…put on some snow tires, if you’re scared of the weather, and then take me to my old ladies, ’cause me and Ashton miss them!!  Ah, well….c’est la vie — that’s life.  (Hey, look, it’s one of my handful of French phrases!)


2 thoughts on “22 and 22

  1. Just read your blog. Sounds like there were a few things in your day to brighten up your life–at least a little. I’m sure all those things helped to take your mind off home. I’m praying for you for “joy in the journey” even when you don’t understand the path!—and joy to spare, not just “making it.”

    Andrew arrived today–finally! It feels like family is more complete now. They are all gone to floor hockey right now. Looking forward to a good visit in the next number of days and news of his days with you:)

    Love ya!

  2. So, I’m back home. Been praying for you and hope you’re seeing the bright side of life even without big brother hanging around. I had a great visit with J and S yesterday.

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