An amendment and a sick day

A correction (or an amendment?) from the 16th, when I wrote about Nov. break….
Lest any of you are wondering…Thorie is my 06/07 roommate’s boyfriend.  Mom was having questions as to who “Thorie” was referring to, so I thought I should probably clarify a little!  We (the group of us) went looking for some tool he needed, and I commented on it because shopping with him is an experience!  He shops like a girl…I generally don’t…thus, I’ll admit to being rather impatient with him at times when I’d go out with them last year!  (”Thorie, aren’t you finished looking at the toy cars yet??!”)

Anyhow…this weekend was just lovely.  Three of the older Bunnetts (my November break friends) came up to visit.  My cold didn’t bother me much, somehow…it’s amazing what adrenaline will do for you!  Fun games of Dutch Blitz (I creamed Sanderly — YES!!  But then she turned around and beat me, just when I was going to cream her a second time, grrrr!), I played an actual game of basketball for what, the first time in my life?  Yeah, I think so.  It was even fun!  Played floor hockey with friends from last year…went out to Tim Horton’s…just hung out, visiting, enjoyed leisurely weekend breakfasts, stayed up late and talked with the girls (but we did go to bed almost record early [for us] the first night!), looked at pictures from a Native Bible camp up north…(gotta love the smiles on those faces!), had some really good talks …it was a perfectly lovely weekend.

Today the adrenaline ran out, and I’m on a sick day.  It’s been nice and relaxing.  Pretty much stayed put, because moving anywhere past my door set my head to spinning.  Got some extra sleep, finished an assignment, caught up on some emails, had an MSN conversation with my cousin that was more than our usual “hi, how are you, gotta run, bye!” ones!  We haven’t had a heart-to-heart for way too long.  I’m looking forward to a girl-cousin get together at Christmas, hopefully!

Now I’m off to do some more reading.


One thought on “An amendment and a sick day

  1. That was a fun heart-to-heart…I enjoyed it:D Now I’m procrastinating and catching up on all the posts since that day:P so much for getting homework done before work…

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