Zealously affected

Class today was absolutely hilarious! OK, so Mr. Funny has always teased Dyson about the fact that he does not have a girlfriend (the teasing was brought on partly by Dyson’s jokes in class last year, ahem). So today in class, Mr. Funny told the guys that they could use the phrase “zealously affect” from Gal. 4:17 to try to woo a girl. He commented that Dyson especially should take note of that, and the guys sitting around him said, “Don’t worry, he’s already got it written on the back of his hand!” The class laughed, and Mr. Funny said, “I can just see him, in the meal line today, going up and down, trying it out on all the girls!” The class erupted in more laughter and talking, with Dyson saying emphatically, “No way, uh uh, not now!” and others calling out, “Milly would kill you!” See, Dyson HAS a girlfriend, as of about 4 weeks ago. Only … Mr. Funny did not know that. Not YET, that is! The look of incredulous, disbelieving shock on his face as the reaction of the class told him the latest news was completely priceless! We lost it. Completely. I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard!

Ahh…thank God for the fun times in life to balance out the stress!


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