Walking in a Winter Wonderland…

The best thing about today was that it snowed.  Like, a REAL snow.  Thick, big flakes coming down at just the right speed and thickness.  This snow is enough to justify playing Christmas music, and it’s close enough to Christmas now that I can do that without getting super homesick.  Ahhh…it’s gorgeous.  It’s winter.  I’m going home soon!!!!!!

The church bulletin cooperated nicely this morning when I did it up.  Strange and small as that may sound, its cooperation always DOES make for a better day. When the computer doesn’t behave (or rather, when I can’t make it do what I need it to) and I need to run and bother Miss Secretary a dozen times, and print 5 trial copies, and do all sorts of things to make it come out right and fit the comic in (yes, the comic is very necessary; ask anybody around here, and they’ll back me up!) … well, it’s just not pleasant at all!  I usually end up having very energetic conversations with the computer.  Since I’m told talking to yourself makes you crazy, I’d hate to know what I’d be labeled for talking to that computer….

Another good thing was that I actually understood what we talked about in Theology class, and could wrap my brain around it!  Those kind of days are ones I’m very thankful for, especially after the ones we spent frying our brains on the ontological argument for God.  Wow, was THAT ever complicated!


One thought on “Walking in a Winter Wonderland…

  1. Yes, apparently all of Canada got snow in the last 24 hours. G & G S were sposed to fly at 9:30, but didn’t leave until 9:30 at night. 42 cm in Vancouver!

    I can understand the joy at understand and wrapping the brain around a certain subject/class. Mel and I actually discussed anthropomorphism the other day. She asked Kim what he thought of that in relation to animals in children’s books. Anyway…!

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