Quips & Quotes that make life fun

When discussing themes for Carnival Week…
Junior Pres, contemplating Fictional Character Day option: “Sooo…I could just stay in my room all day and send myself to class as the Invisible Man!”
Freshman Pres: “That’s ridonculous!”

Mr. Deep, in Zechariah class:
One lady called a pastor, and said, “You’re my dreamboat!”
“Well,” was the reply, “your dreamboat is sailing away in the other direction!”
Then — (Mr. Deep says) “What’s this got to do with Bible prophecy?  Nothing!  Let’s get back to it!”

“Cheer up, the whole world’s going to blow up someday!”  How’s THAT for Bible prophecy?!

And a serious one…
“My biggest concern is that I am what I should be today.”


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