More from Dec. 4

Ahhh…my heart feels hugged.  Tremendously so!  Mr. Student Pres read this thing in our Student Council meeting today, about how we need people.  Yes, we need God (desperately so!) but He’s created us with a need for other people.  There are people in my life who have been “God with skin on” to me.  I talked to one of them tonight, Mrs. G.  We actually connected (follow-up from an email) during November break, but the call was cut short, with the intent of picking it up in about 10 minutes….then 1 hour later…then the next day…and here we are now, nearly a month later, and the connection was FINALLY made!  And I am left with a face that hurts from smiling and laughing so much, a heart very much warmed, my spirits very much uplifted, and my heart ministered to and excited spiritually.

A thought from that conversation…
“Her nest is in You, and it’s movable.” — Mrs. G’s words as she prayed at the end of our conversation.  Ahh, how true!  We talked about that some during one of our MDP MK youth nights this summer.  How our identity needs to be found in Christ.  We can struggle and search and find our identity and where we fit, whether it’s in the white culture, or Native culture, or a mix, or city culture, or MK culture, or wherever.  And maybe we’ll find where we fit in, and be at rest, to a point.  But ultimately, our identity needs to be found in CHRIST.  He surpasses all cultures.  That really hit me hard, this summer.  It was a truth I needed to hear, and needed to accept.

And now, being far from home, I find myself wondering sometimes where exactly “home” is.  When I get on the plane (not too much longer now!!!!) am I going to KB_, or coming to KB_?  It seems like a simple question, but somehow, it’s not anymore.  Where do I belong now?  Where is home?  KB_, yes.  But why does my heart miss school life so much, then, when I’m home?  And when I’m here, why do I miss KB_ so much?!  Home is where the heart is, yes, but what if one third of my heart is here and one third is there and the other third is in odd bits scattered across the country with various people I’ve grown to love dearly, from Lean to Mrs. G, to my MDP kids?  (How’s THAT for spanning the country?!)

But…my nest is in Him.  And He is movable.  He’ll go with me everywhere.  My home is with Him.  I can be “anchorless” because He is my anchor, and He’s with me no matter where I am.  He needs to be my security.  He needs to be my everything.

Does that all make sense?  I rather doubt it!  But it does in my heart, and I needed it a lot.

Odd fact of the day:
I can officially fold bulletins almost as fast as the photocopier can copy them.  Cheap thrills?  Definitely!  But someday I shall achieve victory when I can stand there and WAIT for the machine 🙂

Odd quote of the day:
“Your more sarcastic the happier u are.”  A direct quote from an MSN conversation with Dyson this afternoon.  It snowed Monday, and today I was awakened half an hour early by the sound of the tractors plowing snow, and the guys shoveling off our steps (we are really grateful for those guys, by the way!)  And I was hyper and happy because snow at this point makes it feel like Christmas, and Christmas is coming, and Christmas means I’m going home real soon!!!  But…according to Dyson, the I’m more sarcastic when I’m happy.  Hmm…not sure if that’s good or bad.  Maybe I’ll try to be sad a little more often??!

Ahhh…it was a GOOD day 🙂


One thought on “More from Dec. 4

  1. You make sense, cousin… When pieces of the heart are scattered over the globe as an MK, it hurts. But over time you learn to feel comfortable and at home where you are at…and then, you move again. But you’re right…I need to focus on my stability being in God.

    PS. I still haven’t heard back from Crystal and I don’t know how else to get a hold of her. So if you communicate with her, pressure her into giving us some info about our get together.

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