Thursday nights are the bestest

Well, it’s been a busy 2 days.  Real busy.  But I turned in some work today, and tomorrow is my last big assignment (the sermon/devotional).  Christmas Banquet is tomorrow, so that involves decorating, being involved in the program, and helping in the kitchen, and sitting with Mini, our favorite (and only!) little Japanese lady on our floor.

Practical tonight was extra fun.  No idea why, just was!  Ashton and I were commenting how some days when we leave we’re tired and out of sorts, or not feeling well, etc, but after visiting our old ladies (there are a few guys, but the majority are ladies) we feel like we’re on the top of the world!  It’s so cool.  Yes, maybe we go there to minister to them, but I’m pretty sure WE are getting the better end of the deal here!  Took one lady back to her room, hugged her goodnight, and nearly cried walking out.  How did she weasel into my heart and become so dear in such a short time?!

They’re all so precious…
… The one lady who instructed me not to marry an American – too much cross-border stuff to figure out, she says!  … Then the one who asked where I bought my camera, and wanted one like it … Or the lady who said the camera would break if I took a picture with her in it … Or the lady who’s hilariously funny and knits hot dog mittens and wears fur hats and yells at us (jokingly) when we’re late and lectures the guys … Or the one who tells me not to kneel on the floor, because it’s bad for me … or the guy who, when I offered to push his wheelchair to our meeting, got out and said HE would push ME.  Well!  It was hard to convince him that no, it was probably best if I did the pushing (seeing as he could hardly get out of the chair)!

I’m so thankful for them all!  Thursday nights are definitely my favorite of the week!


2 thoughts on “Thursday nights are the bestest

  1. Ya, I can identify with going senior homes and being encouraged. It’s weird, because when I thought of it before going, I thought it would be discouraging. But once you start getting to know them, talking, and seeing them as people, it gets better.

  2. It’s good to hear how you’re doing. You’re right on the friends thing, you don’t know why you’re friends with someone, but God has a plan for them in your life.

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