Different friends for Different seasons for Different reasons

December 7, 07…
Christmas Banquet is officially over. My sermon is done. Playing piano on Sunday (this is my week) is under control (meaning I know Sunday’s songs and I’ve practiced them and am confident). Assignments are well under control. Exams — those are still 4 days away, and I don’t think they’ll be too bad. I hope! I don’t know how I am tonight. I’m a strange mix of a zillion feelings. I must be a girl! I think my adrenaline is running out. It seems I’ve been going steady for so long, and now it feels strange not to be looking ahead to the next thing and planning and preparing for it already. Nothing is due tomorrow, I don’t have to panic and run off to something, exams aren’t pressingly needing to be studied for quite yet. It’s strange, almost, but oh-so-nice!

Played piano for a long time after the Banquet clean-up was over (I did counters — set-up, serving food, and clean-up — with Raylee, Sarai, Hannah, and a couple others, and it was a lot of fun!). That was good therapy. Therapy for what, I’m not sure! Came back to the dorm, considering calling my friend Sanderly, but thinking no, I just called there the other night, and besides, I’ll be there shortly anyway. But there was a message on my bulletin board that I was to call her ASAP. I smiled and wasted no time in doing so!

One of God’s biggest blessings to me out here has been Sanderly and her friendship. I was highly miserable and homesick and yes, plainly put, unhappy most of last fall. But she came up after Nov. break to visit her brother, and stayed a week and a half. That was definitely a God-thing. She pulled me out of my shell and made me laugh and have fun and we played a zillion games of Dutch Blitz and became arch-rivals in it (and still are!). God sent a heart friend in her. Someone who I could relate to. Someone who could pull me up when I was down, screw my head on straight when I was going crazy, lecture me when I was getting off-track, strengthen me spiritually, and encourage me in my relationship with God. I got to know the family over the course of the year, and I have been tremendously blessed by them all.

I love how God gives all kinds of different friends that are so different from each other during different seasons of life, and they all meet different needs in one’s life.
–There’s the friend who offers a shoulder to cry on (even if it’s at 3 AM and you don’t know why you’re crying!);
–the one that always ends up pointing you to God and encouraging you to focus on Him;
–the one that makes you laugh and have fun and be crazy, yet serious;
–the one who just gives love.
–There’s the friend that gives wise advice amid much laughter;
–the one that makes you think your brain off;
–the one who will listen to you vent when you just need a listening ear.
–The friends (now I’m thinking of 2 guys!) that exist to laugh at and make fun of me and make me laugh, and thus brighten my day, and for me to tease
… all of them are so different. Yet, SO needed! Friendship is indeed one of God’s greatest blessings.


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