Christmas Banquet at home, here I come!!!

I’m so excited!!!!!!!! The Christmas Banquet at home was supposed to be the day before I got home. Shoot, missed it by a day! Then it was changed to 2 days before I got home. Felt slightly better, ’cause I missed it by 2 days, and so it was a little easier to take. Now it’s been changed again — to AFTER I get home! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lois made all kinds of shrieking and yelling noises on the phone. YES!!!!! I’m HAPPEEEE!!!!!! I get to go to MY Christmas Banquet!!!! (Well, okay, okay, not MINE, but with MY family and MY KB_ family!!!! YAY!!!!! And I’m gonna be there REAL soon!!!!!

OK, Lois, calm down. *deep breath* There, that’s better.

So today was a great day. Went to Celia’s this evening, for a girls’ party. Fun. Watched a Christmas movie, and really enjoyed it, except the lady married the wrong guy in the end, but oh well, at least they were happy! Exams coming up this week. Then HOME!!!!

(yeah, I’m going to go away now, ’cause I just have a one-track mind today anyhow! Can anyone tell I am SUPER-excited???!)


2 thoughts on “Christmas Banquet at home, here I come!!!

  1. YA!! you’re coming home, can’t wait! It’s going to be cool for you to finally be at the banquet! Taste my dad’s yummy food. I can almost say welcome home! See you soon!

  2. Banquet at home…your dad’s stuffing…all the ladies’ deserts and salads…gifts for the kids…laughing at the guys…oh my word, R, I seriously can not wait! I’m probably going to have a break-down (or a blow up or explosion or something, from excitement) in class tomorrow!

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