The best day of the semester

Wow. Sunday was an amazing day! Definitely one of the best this semester!

The morning was absolutely great. Just great. Started out with playing piano for church. I was very comfortable with all the songs, so was relaxed and confident while going over them in the morning. First special music, with two girls, then offertory with Ezandra on violin, then congregational songs (with her again again, for some songs). We were confused about “Who Is He In Yonder Stall” and its words, trying to figure out which keys to play in for Ezandra’s violin, how many verses to sing of each song, etc. etc. etc. Lots of last minute stuff to run around and get ready. Running right up until the last minute — even up onto stage to explain to the song leaders the way that Yonder Stall was in the power point was different than what we practiced….

Mr. Brain opened in prayer and I was quietly flipping through the hymnbook up at the piano still attaching my stickies to the proper pages, to help with page turns. WELL…all went well till we finished “The First Noel” for offertory. Then we were supposed to sing “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms.” Except for one problem. The computers went haywire. “No data found,” “memory failed,” “hard drive shutting down,” and all kinds of other scary messages coming up on the screen. The computer guys tried and tried, but — we had no more words up on the screen for the rest of the service! And we didn’t have hymnbooks for the congregation either! And the next song after that was one most people didn’t really know, so basically the leaders sang a duet and Ezandra and I accompanied!

THEN Mr. Deep got up to speak. He wanted to sing a song for us, so retrieved a hymnbook from the piano and called down to me, “Lois, do you sight read?” Ummmmm! No, unless I know the song! (oh, I guess then it’s not SIGHT reading, huh!) And if I’m sight reading a completely new song, I really won’t be much help for congregational singing, ’cause I’m terrible at it! Well, my objections were not accepted, so up to the piano I went. The chorus actually wasn’t too bad. I got it down pat by the 3rd time through. But accompanying him while he sang the verses by himself?! He had his own version of the timing!

All in all, though, it was a fantastic service! It ended up being relaxed and quite informal…interaction between those on stage and the congregation, much laughter, and just a whole lot of fun. I loved it. It felt like home!!!

So I had a fantastic morning and was hyper and happy. THEN add the fact that Sanderly called Saturday night and said she, Jerald and April (Bunnett) were coming to visit for the afternoon and evening. Good grief! Then you get a Lois pretty much bouncing off the walls!

I told a couple people, but made sure Dyson didn’t know, so Jerald could surprise him (they’re good friends). Enjoyed a relaxing afternoon writing thank-yous and popping up to look out my window every time a vehicle went by. Tore out of my room when they drove up, because I wanted to see Dyson’s reaction. Missed it, but was amply rewarded when he freaked out again when he found out I knew they were coming, and realized WHY I’d said some stuff I did in the morning and afternoon, the hints I’d dropped, and the other people who know, but he didn’t….ahh…it was very rewarding! πŸ™‚

Thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the day. Sitting around talking and laughing, creamed Sanderly in Duch Blitz πŸ™‚ but didn’t play a second game because we didn’t have time (the real reason we didn’t have time is because she always creams ME the second game, so I try to avoid that 2nd round! Just kidding).

It was lovely. Just lovely. Pretty much a perfect eastern day!


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