Wow…what a day! This time I was on the roller coaster! Sheesh, I don’t know what’s gotten into me the last few weeks! Up! Down! Waaaaay Up! CRASH back down! From laughing so hard I cried, to outright crying later in the day, and then laughing so hard I couldn’t stop or breathe again tonight, on the phone….oh my lands! Life ain’t boring, I’ll tell you that much! (and I’ll tell you that I’ve been here one too many days, studied for one too many exams, written one too many exams, been over-stressed one too many times, and it’s time to go HOME for a while!) I can’t wait!!!!!!

The friend I spent the most time with last year sent me a Christmas present. Apparently I’m not supposed to open it until Christmas Day. Well, if she thinks this is coming on the plane with me, she’s wrong. Sorry! And if she thinks I’m waiting till I get back, she’s wrong again! Sorry! (patience? what’s that!?) So I opened it. And unwrapped package after package after package. She’s brilliant. It was a ton of fun! I officially have lots of Worthers, Oreos, popcorn, and paper on which I’m to write her letters! And the softest socks on the planet! And I’m playing Christmas music! And I have one more exam tomorrow! And then it’s officially CHRISTMAS BREAK!!!!!!

I will depart from this online world during break, most likely, seeing as I will be WITH the people this is primarily for. If I find I’m addicted to it, I may find myself writing, however 😉


(ok, Lois, you’ve used your allotment of exclamation marks for the day!)


One thought on “MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  1. it must be great to finally have that feeling that you are coming back home and only have ONE test left! You sure sound excited it’s Christmas Break tomorrow!

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