Christmas Break highlights, Part I

Dec. 15
Writing on the plane. Yeah, I guess that means I’m addicted, eh? Or bored and too tired to read and absorb anything!

Spent the first of my break with the Bunnetts. As I told April, if all these Canada-wide storms affect my flight and I have to stay in the east an extra day, well, I can’t think of a better place to be stuck! Enjoyed a delightful walk in the snowy “woods” (it’s “bush” at home!) yesterday, with April & Sanderly. Stopped to stand still and simply enjoy the silence and beauty…(until my stomach broke the silence!) took a zillion pictures…absolutely gorgeous. Stayed up late when we got home, looking at pictures and visiting. Intended to sleep in this morning, but made the mistake of looking at my watch when I rolled over. 7:00 AM. December 15, 2007. “I’M GOING HOME TODAY!!!!!” Sleep in?? HAHAHAHA!!!!! Rrrrright. I gave up on sleep and went upstairs to find a corner to curl up, talk to God, and write. It was lovely.

I went through a very difficult experience today. Writing about it is painful. But — [Lois, take a deep breath] — Sanderly creamed me in Dutch Blitz this afternoon. Not only that, but she creamed me in TWO games of it. [insert choking, gasping, dying sound effects]. Yes, it was traumatic! I don’t think I’m ever going to go back…just kidding!!! Seriously, I am so thankful for such good friends out here. God has blessed me beyond measure with this family that has taken me under their wing, so to speak. (wing..hehe…funny! [Dyson, that’s for your benefit!])

I feel my ears acting up…we’re descending!!!!!!!

Dec. 18
Spent yesterday in the city with my 3 girl cousins on my mom’s side of the family. We have not done that for WAY too long! A few highlights:
–shopping at the mall for 7 hours (we set a record for ourselves; didn’t know we could last that long!)
–getting momentarily lost in some corridor inside the depths of the hospital this morning. Felt like we were in some kind of catacombs or something!
–buying matching pj’s, and making candy cane cookies
–talking till late at night…no, wait, it was EARLY when we quit talking!
–being crazy and laughing over old memories and thoroughly relishing the fact that we are cousins AND friends!

Dec. 19
Oh my word! Hilarious! Absolutely hilarious! It was the Christmas Banquet tonight. Loved it. KWT (I know the initials are messed up, people, but yes, that’s where I live; just think of the real full name and it’ll make sense) Christmas Banquets rule! Except this one was REAL uncomfortable, because someone else was present and I was trying to avoid that person, because it’s just a real awkward situation there. Got through supper, and dessert, and carried dishes back to the kitchen. Dad got up to begin the program when the tables were cleared. He said he was glad that we had some guests from far away who could join us, like Jim and his friend Markus.

Well, Jim’s been living with our family the last couple months, and Markus is the friend he’s been working with (both in their 30s-40s). Markus came for supper last night, and sat right across from me. So Dad gets up and says this, and I’m thinking, “Markus? I never saw him here tonight..that’s strange.” I’m searching the room, puzzled, and suddenly realize — that person I’ve been avoiding all evening IS Markus! HORRORS!!! I just mistook him for the other person because they do look a LOT alike, and I never really actually LOOKED at him up close either, because hey, do you look intently at someone you’re avoiding?!? Needless to say, I had a good laugh over that, and so did the rest of my family when I shared the story later!

In other news today…

I had a really really good visit with my favorite married couple tonight. I was in their wedding back in 2001, and am privileged that they are still a part of my life and such good friends. They are a huge example to me.

I got to work in the KWT kitchen a while this morning, which I enjoyed muchly. I miss working in there a lot…the camaraderie and fun with everyone.

AND I went to get my back adjusted right after dinner, only my supervisor from work this summer tracked me down earlier this morning and invited me to their Christmas luncheon. It was lovely to go back and see everyone again, and be a part of the team for a while. How I loved working there this summer! The phone was ringing off the hook over noon hour, and I was aching to answer it and book people and pull files and tidy things up, etc. I wonder…is it VERY bad if I don’t go back to school in January after all?!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Break highlights, Part I

  1. Hi Lois-

    My computer totally crashed a couple of weeks ago – and I lost ALL my email – messages, addresses, etc… I did back it all up the weekend before, but the third backup disk was corrupted (however THAT happens!) and I lost all downloaded stuff (my Microsoft Office, email, games, etc).

    SO – I have some addresses – but not yours – without digging out all the MDP stuff! :-/ SO – could you email me? PLEASE??? The young man who helped me recover from this dreadful experience changed my internet browser – so I didn’t have the blog addresses until today…

    SO – I’m glad to be in touch again! Trust your break is WONDERFUL.

    I’m praying for you – and for God’s guidance in your life.

    We have been busy preparing for our son’s wedding April 19 – (long story – but we’re also in position as parents of the bride, too – so we’ve done the flowers, wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, decorations, and tux choosing – all 9 & 10 days before Christmas! talk about being FRIED 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

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