Christmas Highlights, Part III

Dec. 26
Ahh…Boxing Day was lovely. It was spent leisurely, listening to a sermon online, watching instructional-type videos on music, the resulting rousing family debates, playing Break-Thru on our old MAC once more before — well, before that computer gets exterminated! Had a fun game of Monopoly this evening. Big brother discovered I’m still holding a grudge from the days of playing Monopoly at Grandpa & Grandma S’s at Christmas (I’m slightly bitter regarding his swindling bargaining practices and results!). When I went out of the game, trying to pay what I owed him, I made sure to aid all the other players and sink myself into a hole before handing myself over! My dad always told me, “If you’re going down, take someone with with you, or at least do all the damage you can!” Only I think that was in regards to chess…. Oh well. Applying it to Monopoly was FUN 😀

The highlight of yesterday was (yes, again!) MSN. Gotta love that! Had a really good conversation with Dyson, and we both came away much encouraged (though I think I was most!).  I’m thankful for a level-headed friend who will give honest, kind advice without blasting me out of the water if my view on what I’m trying to sort through isn’t quite the same as his!

I’m listening to the CD Andrew got for Christmas (hey, I like it, okay!? and I’ll give it back tomorrow morning!) and I’m thoroughly enjoying part of one song, Evidence of God. It reminds me of Nov. 29.

But it seems too bleak, I am gray and weak….
Then a beam, seems to cut through the gray and dense
It’s not coincidence.
It’s a glimpse of You and of what You do.
I lean back my head and laugh.

More than mere humanity; overwhelming charity
Guiding through insanity. Evidence of God
Into the franticness…a spark of perfect sense
Peace in the midst of this. Evidence of God

That bit reminds me of Nov. 29, when a beam cut through the gray denseness of the more challenging issues in life, and I saw a spark of perfect sense and could only throw back my head and laugh! God has a major sense of humor, and seeing His hand in my life so clearly right then brought such joy that day!

Isn’t it wonderful that our God knows exactly what He’s doing with us and He can see every detail perfectly?

Life is beautiful!


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