And life goes on…

Back to school…I knew that without a doubt when the bell rang at 6 AM this morning! Super-hard staying awake in class. Time change is not fun. Am I just turning into a wimp, or was it this hard last year too??

I knew I was definitely back at school when Dyson started in on his jokes and teasing me today. He must be out of practice, though…they just ain’t flying too well 😉

Some of you know I wasn’t really looking forward to coming back after Christmas. But, when I got here and ran up the stairs to my room, I was bombarded with girls screaming and hugging me and it was like, “You know what? Maybe it’s good to be back after all!” So I’m okay! I pulled into the parking lot yesterday at 3:45 PM…was in Mrs. M’s office by 3:55…in Mr. Brain’s office by 4…and from there, straight to the typing pool to churn out the bulletin. Worked on the bulletin till supper, went back to finish typing it after supper, Prayer Meeting right after I finished typing it, then study hall directly after that, then bed. Wow. Hit the ground running!


One thought on “And life goes on…

  1. Ha, ha. Maybe they’re just having a hard time getting off the ground. Too much ice? Tsk, tsk.

    Steele’s?? I got that right away. But I had to count my fingers to figure out #6. Didn’t know she talks…

    Usually took me 2 weeks until everything was “normal” (everything in it’s disorganized place)!

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