Highlights from the last days of December…

–Being surprised with a visit from “my kids” on my last day at home.  OK, so they’re not MINE, but I’ve babysat them since they were babies, and I tend to be mother-bear-ish where they are concerned, especially my little guy who is not-so-little anymore.  They moved away this summer, and I’ve missed them a LOT.  But they came to visit and totally made my day!
–Rook games with the family.  As usual, we couldn’t remember how many to put in the kitty…or if the person with the last hand or the most hands gets the kitty in the end…  But (as always) we decided on 7 cards in the kitty and last hand gets it.  Some things just don’t change!
–One last time in my church, probably for about 6 months.  Haha…funny story…
Thoughts that only run through one’s head during a service at our church:  (random observation during a song)  “There’s a fly on the floor over there, spinning around on his back, trying to flip over.  WAIT a minute!  Isn’t that the same fly that was there LAST week?!?!  Weirdness……  Oh well.  Hmm….hey, I know!  Maybe he only warms up enough to come to life once a week, when the heat is turned on on Sunday, and the rest of the week he’s in a cold-induced coma!?”
We stopped dozens of times on the way home the back way, through the bush and the cow pasture, and took tons of pictures.  The hoar frost combined with the light snow was beautiful.  Breath-taking.  God’s creation is amazing.  Pictures don’t do it justice.  They just can’t.


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