January 3, 2008

Ahhh…back in the east. I did NOT like leaving home again…as always! Nearly missed my first flight…all the rest of my flights left late, because they had to de-ice every plane. It was cool seeing them spray the stuff on the wings. I’ve never seen it in the daylight, so didn’t know they spray on two things — one orange, and then a green one they leave on. Then you get to see the air push it back off the wings when we take off. Cool!! I was thankful for an empty seat beside me on the first flight, and then the whole row to myself the second flight! I was thankful that my planes kept flying and weren’t delayed. During my one layover, I heard several announcements of flights being canceled due to the storms. I called a friend from out west while waiting for my flight, and she promised to come get me if I’d get stranded. But sitting in the airport for 3-4 days waiting to be picked up wasn’t a very exciting prospect….though seeing those friends WOULD have been well worth the wait! I was also very thankful for someone who looked after the cost of this flight, which would have been the most expensive flight of the year. God’s provision overwhelms me, at times!

I was thankful that the Bunnetts were waiting for me when I arrived at my destination. They saw that the company I usually fly with was delayed several hours, so were going to head home (half hr. drive) for a while. But, I had said my plane was coming at 8, so they decided to wait until the flight with the other company arrived, just in case I was on it. I was. And I’m GLAD they didn’t leave! I was welcomed warmly with hugs all around when we got to the house. And was once again thankful for a family out here that my heart connects with and I feel at home with. And I was very thankful for a warm house on a COLD, STORMY night. And when I say stormy, I’m not kidding this time. I’ll admit I laugh at the “storms” out here sometimes. “Storm? It’s just snowing! What’s your problem?!” But this was a very definite storm. Even in my terms!

Sooo….I was to catch a ride back to school the next afternoon, but Mr. & Mrs. Bunnett weren’t too thrilled about me heading out in the storm AND when I called my ride, they said they weren’t going anywhere on roads like this. What did that mean? Weather bound! Stormbound! Snowed in! I got an extra day with the Bunnetts! Needless to say, I wasn’t too terribly disappointed at all!

It was a fun extra day. Lots of Dutch Blitz, 3 identical hairstyles on April, Sanderly and I, good talks all around…yup, it was a good day. Too bad the storm didn’t last longer!


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