Little things

It seems that it’s often the littlest things in life that bring the most joy.
*Yesterday, coming back to my room to find a message that April called.
*A recording of my friends (the Steele family) singing happy birthday to me, with a few added messages on the end of it. I can SO picture kid #6 as she says, “………I don’t know what to say…” and it makes me smile every single time I listen to it!
*News that some friends from last year are coming to visit soon. I can’t wait!!!
*This afternoon, meeting with some friends to pray for the school, its leadership, various struggles, etc. That was such a HUGE blessing and encouragement to me. I feel a fire in my heart. Renewed strength, courage, determination and excitement for this coming semester.
*Floor hockey tonight…I love how I play better when I come back from home! Nothing like a good dose of KWT hockey 🙂
*News that a very dear adopted-grandpa-of-sorts is doing MUCH better (he’s been in the hospital for over 2 months) and the doctors and nurses are calling him the “miracle man.” YAY!!! Thank-You, God!
*Finally finished cleaning up and organizing my room this evening…that felt good. My life is pretty much in order again!

Now, on to my predestination outline…


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