Content, happy, and at peace

Today was nice and warm…what a lovely change from the brutal cold!!  REALLY humid, though.  Man, if it had been summer, and warm out, I would’ve died.

It was a good day…
…handball this evening…freshmen against the upper classmen.  That was fun!  Haven’t played for a long time!  Good to run around and get exercise.
…theological debates this evening about how much of a sin it is to speed by 2 km versus 10 km or more…is 10 and over a worse sin than only 2?  Only in our eyes, but not in God’s?  Where does the spirit of the law come into this?  Fun stuff!  I should ask Mr. Brain about it tomorrow!
…enjoyed a nice brief visit with Mr. Dean’s wife; haven’t talked to her for a long time.
…talking to a friend online and listening to his lies and calling him a liar when his webcam allowed me to see the smirk on his face.  I love that webcam!

I’m having a hard time remembering the day… but it was good.  I am content and happy.  All is well in my world 🙂


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