A fantastic day ends with crocodiles & dinosaurs??

Had an horrible night — dinosaurs hatching from magic eggs, crocodiles growing from special cheese-biscuit dough, walking across ravines with cousins, sliding down icy slopes, hot furnaces with duck eggs in them, knitting, friends, enemies, old MAC computers, walking the gauntlet…..FINALLY the day was over. We were tired of waiting for the rest of the family to come back, so Mrs. Bunnett headed to bed with her book, and I had just tossed my pillow onto my borrowed bed and was about to crawl in and — BZZZZZZZZ!!!!! The bell. The 6 AM bell. “You cannot be serious! Do NOT tell me that’s the bell!” It was. I feel like this is the 3rd day in a row I’ve been up! Hello, real life. Good-bye, dream world. Thank goodness there are no dinosaurs and crocodiles in THIS life to be running from!
(and please don’t ask me where my dreams come from, because I honestly have NO clue!) (and I didn’t eat crazy things before bed either, really!)

Yesterday was a GOOD day, though. Really enjoyed classes! Ephesians made sense…I felt like I actually might not have done too badly on that pop quiz, surprisingly! It was really funny, because the other day, Mr. Brain and I were talking about a theological question that I had. Or, more specifically, a theological opinion that I presently have that disagrees with his! The last question of the quiz came, and he started to ask it aloud, then half-way through he realized it applied to what we’d been talking about and — well, I can’t really describe it, other than saying there was a bit of a hiccup in his sentence as he stopped, then continued, and attempted to restrain a smile all in that split-second, and I clapped a hand over my mouth to keep from bursting out in uncontrollable laughter. I scribbled him an extra note on the bottom of my paper — “Haha…FUNNY, Mr. Brain!” Dyson was pretty much having a bird because he couldn’t figure out what was so funny, and why Mr. Brain kept looking at me and smiling and why I was shaking with laughter. Ahh…fun stuff! Then there was Dyson misbehaving in chapel, and making me laugh (alll the way from the back row) right before I was supposed to play piano. So I’m sitting there, shaking with laughter silent laughter, tears nearly coming to my eyes, TRYING to get myself under control in time to play properly!

Practical was fantastic! I love my old ladies 🙂 Enjoyed a visit with one lady I hadn’t really talked with before. Didn’t realize she was there, mentally, so hadn’t put much effort into an actual conversation with her. But she IS very much all there, you just have to give her enough time to talk, and we had a very interesting visit and it totally made my day!

Enjoyed laughing with April over the phone regarding the complexities of life. Life is complicated. Life is fun. Life is NEVER boring!


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