Did you know God has French angels?

The whole school seems to be struggling majorly.  8 people might have to go home today, due to a lack of finances.  We’re trying to trust God, but we’re weak and falter often.  Life in this area is very pressing.  Then there’s numerous other situations and issues with other people, all of which are very…weighty, shall we say. (One good thing about listening to everyone else’s problems is that then I don’t have time or energy to worry about my own.  Maybe God has a plan in this, eh?!)  This morning I was feeling VERY stressed and overloaded with everything going on.

Then my computer went wacko and was locking up on me (not accepting the password I put on it).  I was anticipating HOURS of backing up files, sitting in Mr. Computer’s office, restoring the whole computer, downloading everything again…VERY discouraging prospect.  Brought it to class with me, to keep it from hibernating and going into “you-can’t-get-into-me-now!” mode.  Well, Joshua, a French guy from last year, was sitting in on a class, and came over during break to see what my problem was.  Copied all documents into new user accounts, made new administration accounts, deleted all passwords, went into the brain (motherboard??) deleted all passwords (all this during three 5 minute breaks between our classes), and by 4th period, my computer was fine, all my files were still there, I had lost absolutely nothing, and it’s working fine and I haven’t quite worked up the courage to put a password back on it! (though I suppose I should do it before this guy goes back to Quebec, just in case it fails again, eh!?)

That totally made my day.  It was like God popped out in Joshua-form and said, “Yes, I care about you and the little details of life and I AM here, and I’ll fix this computer problem, just to prove it!”  This song was so true today!

But it seems so bleak, I am gray and weak….
Then a beam, seems to cut through the gray and dense
It’s not coincidence.
It’s a glimpse of You and of what You do.
I lean back my head and laugh.

More than mere humanity; overwhelming charity
Guiding through insanity. Evidence of God
Into the franticness…a spark of perfect sense
Peace in the midst of this. Evidence of God

Later…  Did you know God has English angels too?!  So this morning, when my computer was going wacko like 15 minutes before class, I rushed to copy some important (and highly sensitive!) documents from my hard drive onto my password-protected jumpdrive, and then deleted the originals off the hard drive.  That way I wouldn’t have to worry about who was on my computer attempting to fix it or what they could find!  Well, this evening I went to get into them (on my jumpdrive) and realized (with absolute HORROR!) that they were not all there.  Only about 40% were copied.  AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!  [This is where Lois wonders if anything else could possibly go wrong]  So, I’m off to the phone.  I need another angel!!!  My charming angelic wonderful fabulous big brother did some internet hunting for me, found a recovery program, walked me through downloading it, and finding much of what I lost.  I think I probably have at least 90% of it now…some is corrupted, much is good, and I am tremendously grateful!

The 8 people needing money…
One has till tomorrow to come up with $1000.  Another has a week.  Sarai has to go home tomorrow, and I shall miss her tremendously.  The rest are covered.  How the different situations all worked out, I don’t know yet.  There is ecstatic joy at God’s wonderful provision, yet mixed with struggles and doubts…why does God provide for all but one?  Or will He still, we just need to wait a little longer?  Or does He have some greater plan that we don’t see and thus don’t understand, though it makes perfect sense to Him?  I do not understand God.  Not one little bit at all some days, it seems!

Isaiah 55:8 — “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, says the Lord.”
But He cares for us, and He sees and knows everything, all the little details.  “He tells the number of the stars; He calls them all by their names.” – Psalm 147:4
And He needs to be my focus.  “I have set the Lord always before me:  because He is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.” –Psalm 16:8
And what He does is always right.  “…Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?” — Gen. 18:25.  And I can rest in that, even if nothing makes sense.


One thought on “Did you know God has French angels?

  1. Wow. Was that really me? “charming angelic wonderful fabulous big brother” – remind me to get that in writing some time. Maybe it’ll come in handy when the halo slips 😉

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