Secrets are FUN!

Wow.  What a weekend!  Friday ended much better than it started.  I don’t remember why…I just remember it started real bad, but ended –OH!  I remember!  The staff ladies put on a Ladies’ tea and fashion show, with their wedding dresses being modeled.  I wasn’t really looking forward to going.  It was unfamiliar, I didn’t know what to expect, it was an evening being taken away when it seems I’ve a zillion and ten things to do…  But…God knew what He was doing!  The whole evening ministered to my heart SO much.  I came away feeling God had touched my heart through the songs, the things read, the fellowship and laughter…it was GOOD.

Left that, went the lounge, and the French people were here!!!   A group of them from last year came to visit, and it was soooo good to see them all again!  Our class feels like it’s lacking a very important element without them.  Came to the conclusion that evening that Rook is almost not even worth playing if you play by the “proper” rules.  Sorry, but I like it when the 1’s are highest, you always play with the Rook card, it’s the lowest trump, not highest, and you play doubles and start the bidding at 110 instead of 10!  It’s so much easier to actually GET somewhere with MY house rules (read that with a liberal dose of sarcasm and laughter — then it doesn’t come out as mean and selfish as it sounds, I promise!)  Ah, well, it was a good evening anyhow.

Saturday I was BAD and skipped hockey and went to watch Anne of Green Gables at Mrs. President’s instead.  Enjoyed it a lot.  How is it possible that watching it makes me homesick for PEI when PEI’s not even my home?!?!

Sunday…Fun stuff!!  Sanderly, Kay, and April came up with Jerald (’cause he wanted to see his French roommate who was visiting).  The fun thing was that I’ve known they were coming for over a week.  Told Milly (Dyson’s girlfriend).  Told a bunch of people.  Told the French group.  BUT, I did NOT tell Dyon.  😀  The Bunnetts walked in during church, and let’s just say it was well worth the effort of keeping it a secret from him!  His reaction wasn’t one of “Oh my word, Jerald’s here!” but rather of, “Oh my word, they got me REAL good this time!!!”  Score 2 for Lois, score 2 for Milly!  It was a day full of visiting, laughing, talking, Sanderly going snap-happy with my camera, Dutch Blitz, etc.  My face hurt by the end of the day from smiling and laughing so much.  Anytime I smirk at Dyson now he’s probably going to be suspicious that company coming!

Oh, right, and church made me smile too, because Mr. Brain spoke on the same subject from class that concerned that theological opinion we differ on. (the one from Ephesians class on Thursday).  The hidden smile he was trying to rein in completely cracked me up numerous times.  I wonder if he paid William to “just happen” to read the verses he did during the sharing time?!?  Somehow, they completely went along with his message…

I found people to share the 16 candy canes I got from McTom…sent a bunch home with our “surprise” company!  Now, I like candy canes, but seriously, it would take me years to eat all 16!  How convenient that the Bunnetts, of all people, like ’em too! 😉


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