Granola mailed across the country

The best thing about today was the story Mom told me this evening. (Andrew, I hope you don’t kill me for this.  It totally made my day, though!)  See, I made homemade fries the night before leaving home after Christmas, and packaged some up to be sent my my roommate from last year. I was hunting for a box to mail them in, and Mom told me to use the granola box in the cupboard. She said to write the address on it already, though it still had a little granola in it — she’d use it up in the next day or two, and then mail the fries. So I put the fries in the fridge, wrote the appropriate address on the box, and left it out on the kitchen table so she’d remember.

Well, today I found out the rest of the story! Andrew came back from the city a day before Mom & Dad, saw the box, and decided he’d do a good deed. Took it to the post office, they taped it up nicely for him, and it was on its way east. Except for one problem. It still had granola in it. And the fries were still in the fridge! Can you imagine Lean’s response when she gets a package from Lois containing granola but no note or explanation?!?! I nearly died laughing when Mom told me all this tonight!

So, they made another batch of fries, and Andrew called Jerald to get Thori’s phone number to get Lean’s address…only Jerald didn’t have Thori’s number, so Andrew hunted online and ended up calling a bunch of people in search of THE Thori who had a girlfriend Lean….

Oh my. OH MY!!!!! Life is fun!


3 thoughts on “Granola mailed across the country

  1. Priceless….absolutely priceless. Love you both (you and Andrew). I’m trying to figure out why you would mail fries across the country.

  2. We mail fries across the country because…umm…we’re bored?! No, just kidding. I got my roommie hooked on them last year, and when I told her I was eating fries (when I called her over break) and asked if she was jealous, she wanted some. Soo…she’s going to get them (the REAL package this time!) any day now.

  3. As you wrote there, you packaged them up. The thought that there weren’t fries in the box never crossed my mind. I did think that there was an extra amount of rattle in the box, and I wondered why you made an extra bag of fries and left it in the fridge. Maybe for other friends here? Overall it wasn’t that funny. Only certain people with that kind of humor will find any hilarity in such a situation of general incompetence and errancy 😀 You’ll have to update us on Lean’s reaction.

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