God’s timing is perfect

It was really cool last night.  I was writing a little note to the couple that sent me a package with Smarties last fall (I wrote about them on Oct. 3).  I got out her letter to reply to, and she had 2 verses at the bottom, so I looked them up.  One was Isaiah 40:29.  I was expecting the “wait upon the Lord, rise up like eagles” verse, but it wasn’t.  It says, “He gives power to the faint; and to them that have no might He increases strength.”  WOW!!!  She wrote the note back in September…I got it in October…I never looked up the verse till last night…and it was EXACTLY what I needed right NOW.  Wow.  That is amazing!  God is so cool!

Mr. Brain’s classes today were whoppers.  A few quotes I wrote down during them:
Melody, after asking a very complicated question that couldn’t really be answered:  “It’s one of those things we understand just enough to know we’ll never understand it, I guess.”
Mr. Brain: “We understand it just enough to ask intelligent questions about it!”

A couple things I understood (wow!):
–“Sometimes our biggest blessings are born out of our biggest struggles.”
–“Sometimes, God allows little troubles to prevent big troubles.”

From a few days ago, in Ephesians with Mr. Brain (don’t ask me how this came up in Ephesians!):
–“Engagement is a guy telling a girl, ‘I won’t just take you out for Friday supper and feed you; I’ll stock your refrigerator!'”


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