Girls in lockdown!

I have an announcement.  Milly’s name is officially being changed from Milly to Hope.  I just plain old don’t like “Milly” for her.  It doesn’t fit at all.  This is also being done upon the wise counsel of Dyson, her boyfriend.  LOL!

One thing that struck me recently, from class or something, was the fact that God knows all the details of our lives.  Think about that.  He knows ALL the details.  Of every situation.  He’s the only one who knows EVERYTHING about my life, inside out and upside down.  Therefore, He gives the best advice!  Except I tend to go to people first…a problem I’m working on.  People are good; very needed!  But I need to go to Him first

Men for God rally was this weekend.  We girls went into “lockdown” (don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds, really, we just like to play it up a little!) Friday afternoon.  Didn’t really make a difference to me, being as I took a sick day and was in lockdown in my room anyhow!  Had a pizza party in our dorm, on Friday night.  If the guys are having guy time, then WE are having girl time!!

Ended the evening on the phone.  Haha, what’s new, this is LOIS we’re talking about here!  Hard to believe that about 4-5 years ago I HATED talking on the phone.  Now — well, last year, pretty much every time my RA came into the lounge, I was on the phone.  And this year, if you call my floor and it’s busy, chances are it’s me!  It was an encouraging call, though.  Thought-provoking.  I’m thankful for those God places in my life to prick me when I’ve lost my fire and my joy in Him and my relationship with Him and my position as His beloved daughter.  For those who spur me on.


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