Pringles and border guards

Another post that didn’t get done before the internet shut off…too many things were demanding my immediate attention last night.

Yesterday was hilarious!!!  The canteen is running low (very low!) and retreats are rapidly approaching, so Earnest, Patty and I were appointed to go buy supplies.  We took Earnest’s car, and went across the border to Wal-Mart.  It was a fun afternoon.  Much laughter as we visited and joked on the drive there, and then as we made a cart caravan to the candy aisle!  Loaded up, and I mean, LOADED up on Pringles.  My cart had 3 layers of them….not kidding you.  Do you know how many Pringles that is?!?!

We had 3 carts full, and then a 4th, before we were finally done shopping.  Pulled up to the checkout counter and started unloading.  And the guy started scanning Pringles…and Pringles…and Pringles…and — wait, you get the point!  Earnest bagged, Patty watched the total get bigger and bigger, and I kept unloading.  Other cashiers were laughing at our guy and calling over, “Hey, how’re you doing over there?!”

When we went to load the car, Earnest remembered his trunk has trouble opening from the outside. (note this: it’s an important fact!)  So he put the backseat down, crawled into the trunk, and forced it open from the inside.  We loaded…and loaded…finally it was all in.  I still had my spot in the backseat, though corners were kinda scary.  Have you ever been sitting beside a stack of boxes of pop when someone goes around a corner and it all starts sliding toward your head?  Thrilling.  You pretty much expect to die there, for a second or two!

Just before the border, we were pulling out our ID and stuff, and Patty said she hoped they wouldn’t give us trouble.  “Aww, they’ll just ask where we’ve been, how much we bought, and send us on our way.  I’ve never had trouble before, this time shouldn’t be any different” Earnest said confidently.  Well, all DID go well, until the guard wanted to see the $300 worth of food we said we had in the trunk.  Yes.  In the trunk.  The one that doesn’t open from the outside.  And the front is now thoroughly inaccessible because of the cases of pop.  But he wanted in the trunk, and told us to pull ahead into the we-will-search-your-car place.  We piled out, and Earnest began to explain our problem.  The guards (there were 2 of them now) insisted they wanted to see it.  So Earnest climbed in the backseat and began to work to get the trunk open a crack, in spite of the cases of pop.  Next thing we know, he’s backing out of the car with a look of horror on his face, holding the strap for the back seat.

NO WAY!!!!  How suspicious is this?!!  We have $300 worth of food in the trunk of our car (or at least, that’s what we SAY it is!) but we can’t open the trunk, and now the handle for getting in through the backseat just “broke.”  If I were a border guard, I’d be mighty skeptical!  Earnest gave them his absolute word of honor that the ONLY thing in the trunk was food….they held a mini conference between the two of them and examined our receipts, and I overheard them saying, “Welll…I guess we could let them go.  What do you think?  You decide, I’ll leave it up to you.”  We held our breath.  They said we could go.  We breathed.  THEN they said they were being very gracious.  They COULD insist on getting into the trunk, even if they had to drill into it!

We piled back in and wasted no time leaving.  Patty and I exploded in laugher the instant the doors were shut and Earnest was like, “Stop it!!! You’re going to make us look even more suspicious!!”  But seriously, how can you NOT laugh?  Four shopping carts full of junk food.  A gazillion cans of Pringles.  A trunk that doesn’t open.  Then the guard wants to see in the trunk. (yes, he had to choose THIS car to get picky about!).  Then the handle for opening the backseat breaks off?!   This is just TOO funny!

We burst into intermittent uncontrollable laughter periodically all the way home.  It was fun 🙂


2 thoughts on “Pringles and border guards

  1. Sounds like you had a fun day! But I’m wondering, how did you ever get the stuff out of the trunk if both of entrances to it is unpassable?
    So, if you never heard yet, my mom went on the plane with your parents. It was a spur of the moment thing. She has relatives there as well. Talk to you soon then

  2. ok…so…how did you get in the trunk? that’s hilarious. how come all the funny stories and quote happen to you:P Its probably because I don’t particularly look at that angle all the time. My roommate did cook 4 kg of Shrimp in the slow cooker over night the other night…and let me tell you. I was smelling bad shrimp through the closed door into my bedroom in the middle of the night. It took me two days, two candles on both days and lots of Febreeze to make the house smell normal again. I guess that could be considered funny. Miss you.

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