History made today

People are asking, and therefore I shall explain a little further, how we got that $300 worth of food out of the trunk. Well, ummm, Earnest got some tools and crawled into the backseat, worked away on it, and then suddenly he was hollering that it was open and we could start hauling. So, I don’t know what he did exactly, other than working his man-magic!

Jo, I don’t know why funny things happen to me. Maybe because I have a sense of humor that’s a bit warped at times?! Or so it seems! And sometimes the options are laugh or cry, so I [generally] pick laugh. It makes like more bearable! Wow, 4 kg of shrimp being cooked overnight? That WOULD be quite the smell!

Today was another history-making day at school. Just so happened all 3 classes (seniors, juniors, and freshmen) had a study hall first period. SO they moved breakfast to 8 AM, made it non-mandatory AND let us wear Prayer Meeting dress to class, which meant no skirts!!!! The unfortunate part was that I never heard the announcement because I was away during lunch yesterday, and ate supper early and left early because we had practical last night. So I got up when my alarm (most days I hate that thing!) went off at 6 AM and proceeded to the bathroom to get ready for the day. 10 minutes later, the dorm was still silent. I was looking down the dark hall, wondering why no one else was up, trying to remember if there was a really late hockey game last night, wondering if Mommy RA was sick, and why she wasn’t knocking on doors already, which she usually does at 6:05 if there’s no sign of life. Strange…did the rapture happen??! But no, I KNOW I’m saved…at least…I thought I was!!!! Went back to my room, and turned on my desk lamp. Roomy rolled over groggily, and was so kind as to inform me of the changes in school routine. Well!!! So I climbed back in bed and dozed another hour. Made for a much better day!

Lynne, her boyfriend, and I went to Mr. Brain’s tonight to watch a movie. It was so much fun. The whole process of getting the movie (the person we were going to borrow it from had the wrong one, so I chased all over in the -32 [yes, I meant to write -32] weather looking for it), starting the movie (the TV wouldn’t work…till Mr. Brain came [after about 10 minutes of fiddling with cords] and calmly pushed the “on” button — the one on the REMOTE!), the crazy hyper dog (I think she has ADD. No, ADHD!), funny stories while visiting afterward…. It was a very enjoyable evening. It was a good day, overall.

I’m glad that God is with us in everything we walk through. I’m thankful for the nearness of His presence. That even when we don’t see the way clearly, we can trust Him, and know that He will do what is RIGHT.


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