To any KWTers who read this (R, I’m thinking of you, ’cause you’re the only KWTer I know of who reads this): Don’t tell the eastern KWTer that Kay and her brother are coming. [coming? going? where do I belong? where is home? ’cause the proper grammar depends on where home is for me!  Man, life is complicated!]  They’re hoping to surprise the Easterner.  Fun! 😀


2 thoughts on “Edit:

  1. And for the KWT weather today, we have a current condition of minus fifty. Yes folks, that would be -50 C, as in fifty below zero. We hope that’s not too cold for you, and we pray you dress warmly. Do not, repeat, do not be jealous of anyone who lives in a warmer (generally) area of the country. They will get their due rewards 😀

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