Jan. 27 — Upset, but laughing

Well…the thing that caused me the most laughter this past weekend started out with NO laughter!  Discovered, while talking to my big brother, that my friend Sanderly’s brother (he and Kay are going out west) will likely be staying with my family for a couple of weeks.  I was upset!!!!  Big time!!  Someone else gets to go to KWT?  Play hockey with my people?  Go to my church?  LIVE in my HOUSE with MY family?!?  NO WAY!!!!  I was shocked and upset!  Couldn’t figure out why, until I sat myself down and lectured and traced my anger issue back to …. jealousy.  Yup, jealousy, plain and simple!  Awful, isn’t it?  [and the little green envy monster raises his head and laughs uproariously]  I feel like a 3 year old!!!

But really, it is so totally not fair at all that he gets to go to my house and I don’t.  Not at ALL!!!  But after I calmed down I laughed, because honestly, God has the weirdest sense of humor!  Sending me out here, and another girl from here out to KWT for school, and now Kay and her brother?  Honestly!  This is ridonculous! (to quote Earnest’s favorite expression)


One thought on “Jan. 27 — Upset, but laughing

  1. Hm, I hadn’t thought of it that way before. But I suppose it might be hard when people from the East get to go to KWT and you don’t. Yesterday in First Aid course, the instructor was talking about the emotional impact of giving first aid, and said sometimes you just have to laugh at something, even if it’s serious or not a good situation. Otherwise you might lose control or do something bad. Ridonculous situations….!

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